Marine Fends Off Armed Robber Using Unlikely Weapon! (VIDEO)

A retired Marine took the law into his own hands when an armed robber attempted to rob a convenience store. The robber never expected

There comes a time when you have to make a decision in your life that could be life and death. For the old military veteran in the video below, his split second decision didn’t have anything to do with being a hero. He saw something that wasn’t right and acted out of experience and training.

Age doesn’t mean too much when you are properly trained and know how to handle yourself.

A thug attempted to rob a store but didn’t check his surroundings. That’s one thing I am sure the old marine did before attempting to make a move. When he saw the coast was clear, he decided to take down the thief as you will see in the video below.

Source: Active Self Protection

The old adage says there’s no such thing as an ex-Marine, and this old Marine stopped the armed robbery with tenacity and panache! (and his adrenaline-fueled speech was funny) Some NSFW language in this one from that Marine, but it’s funny too. Well done all around!

Was the hair on your neck standing up? Usually, videos do not have sound but this one did and you could almost feel yourself in the midst of what was going on.

Thank God for the marine and his training. This is not something you see every day but I would ask you please do not try this just because you saw it on YouTube.

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