Tennessee River catfish

Fishing is a competitive sport. There is a lot of folklore about who caught the biggest fish. These conversations can get rather heated and tense because everyone wants to catch the biggest fish. Thanks to video evidence, a teenager will have proof of what may be his catch of a lifetime.

Evan Austin’s Big Catch

Evan Austin had quite the battle on his hands. The teen was fishing in his kayak and he caught something enormous. It was so big that he was worn out just trying to reel it in. He ended up paddling to shore in an attempt to wear it out.

This Tennessee River catfish was about half the size of his kayak. It was gigantic. Like Evan, this fish was exhausted from the fight. It didn’t have much left in him by the time they got to the dock.

Watch the video below to see the size of this huge catfish.

Catch And Release

Ultimately, Evan cut the line and let this prized Tennessee River catch swim away to enjoy another day in its home waters. He wasn’t going to eat it, so he let it go after getting video evidence.

This river is an amazing place to fish with many twists and turns. It runs 652 miles south, then west across northern Alabama, and a small portion of northern Mississippi, before turning north to Kentucky where the river discharges into the Ohio River, only miles upstream from the Mississippi River.

You can find a variety of fish in the Tennessee River, including smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and blue catfish. Clearly, there are some big catfish swimming around in this river. Evan gave us proof of that with his catch. 102 species of mussels also call the Tennessee River home. This is definitely a great place to fish.

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