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A Canadian man has some words directed at people who litter after he caught a fish that had grown around a plastic Powerade wrapper.

Adam Turnbull was fishing in the Saskatchewan River in Alberta, Canada when he caught the fish in question. The ring of the Powerade wrapper caught around the fish when it was smaller. As it grew, the wrapper impeded its growth around the midsection. The fish grew around the wrapper that some careless person discarded.

He snapped four pictures of the devastation that was caused to this fish and posted them to Facebook with a warning about how not properly disposing of garbage will cause problems for wildlife. This wrapper could have easily fit in the pocket of the person who dumped it. But, that’s not where this story ends.

Turnbull was able to cut the wrapper off the fish and release it, giving it a chance at a new life. “I was fishing in the South Saskatchewan River when I hooked into this fish as I’ve done many times before,” he told Unilad. “It fought on the way in, although when I finally put my eyes on the fish I could tell something was definitely wrong. I originally thought the fish had been attacked by another fish as I could see the large wound. Once I picked the fish out of the water I noticed the sports drink wrapper around its body.”

“I quickly grabbed a small pair of scissors and carefully removed the plastic,” he continued. “I hope to catch it again someday as I have strong hopes it will thrive now that the obstruction has been removed. I just really want people to realise [sic] something as small as a drink label which takes up no space in your pocket can have a devastating effect on our outdoors and wildlife.”

Fish have also been known to consume plastic that has found its way to the water. This is completely unavoidable. Picking up garbage is rather simple and something responsible people do.

Another man invented a way to use his garbage to fish. Don’t worry! It’s legit. He has had a lot of success using beer caps as lures. Click here to learn about that!

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Source: Unilad

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