Mr Rogers Candid Camera

Mr. Rogers was perhaps the kindest man on television. This was genuinely who he was. That was proven when he was the subject of a prank on “Candid Camera.” Even when put in a frustrating situation, Mr. Rogers remained calm and didn’t raise his voice.

Fred Rogers was checking into his hotel room for a television conference when he was pranked. He was led to his room by the bellman, played by Peter Funt, who continually told him there wasn’t a TV in his room as it had been removed to give to another guest.

When checking into a hotel room after a lengthy journey, most people just want to be left alone. The bellhop remained and continued talking about the missing television. Mr. Rogers didn’t mind and wasn’t dismissive at all.

Rather than get frustrated, Mr. Rogers laughed. “I don’t use the television anyway,” the children’s television icon said. “I have enough TV in my life.”

Funt had hoped to frustrate the calm television host in an attempt to see if Mr. Rogers would get out of character. But, Mr. Rogers didn’t play a character on television. He was that kind and calm in real life. He was himself on his beloved children’s show.

“You are completely unruffleable!” Funt told Rogers when he finally admitted they were on “Candid Camera.”

“I’m just who I am, you know,” the television icon admitted.

You can watch this “Candid Camera” segment with Fred Rogers in the video below.

This man lived his life the way he preached it on his show, with patience, love, and understanding. What a gem of a person he was! I always wished he was my neighbor! He was he was the same man he was on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!”

Mr. Rogers once said, “There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” No matter what came his way, Mr. Rogers was always kind.

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