Very sad news is being reported this morning. The first Bozo the Clown to be nationally syndicated has passed away. Beloved entertainer Frank Avruch was 89 years old. He brought laughter and smiles to children as the beloved clown from 1959 to 1970.

Avruch’s show was a staple for Boston children before going national and entertaining children across the country. “He had a heart of gold,” WCVB manager Stuart Hersh said. “He brought the Bozo the Clown character to life better than anyone else’s portrayal.”

Avruch passed away after a prolonged battle with heart disease in the comfort of his own home. He is survived by his wife Betty, two sons Matthew and Steven and several grandchildren.

A clip from Frank Avruch’s “Bozo The Clown” from 1966 is in the video below. Do you remember the opening song?

Avruch’s death is a reminder of beloved days gone past. Children’s television shows are more cartoon based today and the format is completely different. But those of us who watched this loveable clown remember how the show made us feel and who he was to each of us.

In addition to his role as a children’s entertainer, Avruch also spent 40 years as a host of “Man About Town” and “The Great Entertainment” on WCVB-TV in Boston.

This has been a sad time for children who grew up with this program. Last year, Gary Weir who entertained Oklahoma children for 25 years as Bozo the Clown passed away. That show was so popular that there was a four year long waiting list to attend the filming!

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Source: USA Today

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