Human Barbie

Ophelia Vanity is better known as The Human Barbie Doll. She is desperate to look like a classic Barbie and she’s had a number of plastic surgeries to help achieve this. Recently, she even had an eye surgery to look more Caucasian.

The Human Barbie, who lives in Los Angeles, is half Chinese and wants doctors to remove any appearance of Asian traits around her eyes. She wants to appear more Caucasian, like her tiny plastic hero. She had a blepharoplasty to help accomplish this.

She claims she is not trying to dissĀ Asians by removing those features from her face. “I just think that Barbie is very iconic. I’m definitely not trying to be racist. There are dolls and Barbies, especially nowadays, of every height, skin color and ethnicity, but I’ve always just been drawn to more of the iconic Barbie look.”

“I’ve needed this surgery for six years and a lot of people have teased or bullied me about my eyes, so I’m hoping the surgery will give me more confidence,” she said trying to justify her many cosmetic surgery procedures.

Video about her latest surgery to look Caucasian is below.

Vanity takes her Barbie devotion to such extremes that she gets botox injections and fillers monthly. She also bleaches her hair to get her desired look. This expensive endeavor costĀ her thousands of dollars to maintain.

The Human Barbie Doll says she has suffered from low self-esteem and plastic surgery helps her overcome that. She feels her unique look boosts her confidence. But, many are wondering if perhaps her money would be better spent on therapy dealing with these issues rather than having a plastic surgeon change her body.

Her own boyfriend, Justin Sterling, believes she has had these procedures because she doesn’t feeling unique. “I don’t feel that way about her. She is definitely unique. But I could see how maybe surgery gets addictive,” he said.

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Source: Daily Mail

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