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The Carol Burnett Show” was an American favorite for 11 seasons. During that time, many guests appeared on the skit comedy show. Dick Van Dyke was one of those guests.

Van Dyke is known for his physical comedy. He is not above flopping around to get some laughs. In the skit “A New Leash on Life,” Van Dyke joined Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence in a dog obedience class. But, there is one big caveat. All three of them have invisible dogs.

Each actor has to mime out interacting with their dogs, which nobody can see. It is funny enough when Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence walk in with their dogs. But Dick Van Dyke ups the game significantly. His invisible dog is clearly enormous and much taller than anyone in the room.

Van Dyke demonstrates that he’s a comedic slapstick genius. He is dragged all around the room by that invisible dog. The star’s actions are so dramatic that it helps you imagine that there actually is a dog pulling him around the room.

When Vicki Lawrence’s dog goes missing, there is one gross place they were forced to look – in the mouth of Dick Van Dyke’s dog.

If you like slapstick comedy, you will love the video below.

The Carol Burnett Show” was so terrific. It was incredibly family-friendly because there wasn’t the foul language you hear on television today. You didn’t have to worry about needing to rush the kids out of the room because something was inappropriate.

Carol and her crew were able to make people of all ages laugh and forget their worries. This skit is the perfect example of that. There aren’t any shows on television today that match the appeal and talent of “The Carol Burnett Show.

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