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A college student in Spain is getting a lot of attention because of a recent tweet.

Marisol Villanueva shared two pictures of her outfit containing both horizontal and vertical stripes. The stripes on her pants give an optical illusion that has generated quite a bit of buzz and caused the teen’s tweet to go viral. It has elicited over 8,000 comments and 42,000 retweets.

Check out the photos in the tweet below. Do you see one leg or two?

At first, it appears the pictures show both of Marisol’s legs. The vertical stripe appears to be the gap between her legs. This makes it appear that she has incredibly bony chicken-like legs. But in reality, it’s just the cream stripe running down the side of her pants. She does have two normal sized legs.

Marisol spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about her viral tweet. She is amazed at the attention these simple photos are getting. While it’s a bit overwhelming, she is happy to provide people with some laughs.

“It’s crazy, I didn’t expect going viral at all,” Marisol told Yahoo. “I didn’t even realize my photo had an optical illusion until one of my followers pointed it out.”

She is taking this all in stride, but her friends are enjoying it immensely. “They jokingly tell me that I have skyrocketed to fame,” she said. “They also think it’s funny that I’ve become a meme.”

Her post is actually making worldwide news because people often enjoy looking at optical illusions. It’s funny that she didn’t even notice the illusion until she started seeing all the replies from people pointing it out.


This optical illusion is much like the black and blue or white and gold dress that sparked so much debate over its color in 2015.

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Source: Yahoo!

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