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Judge Judy dispenses justice with a heavy dose of reality and common sense. She’s not afraid to tell people they are fools. This is why so many of us watch her long-running show. In this episode, Judge Judy clues one hotshot plaintiff in on why he’s an ‘idiot’.

It’s amazing how some people act like complete morons on this show and think Judge Judy will somehow act in their favor. One smug answer or lie and she will verbally dismantle┬áthem and expose their stupidity for the world to see.

Waddell Fields Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

Waddell Fields is one of those morons. He was suing his cousin for totaling his car.

When the case was introduced, Judge Judy started coughing. She had to excuse herself to get a cough suppressant. That’s when Waddell started shooting off at the mouth.

The man knew there were TV cameras and that he was wearing a microphone, but he just kept talking smack to with his friend.

Waddell said he should have gotten “wasted” before court. He then tried to chat with the plaintiff.

He is suing for $4000, but admitted to the plaintiff that the car in question was only worth $2000!

Waddell was trying to deceive Judge Judy and admitted it when he thought she couldn’t hear!

Judge Judy: ‘You’re An Idiot.’

Judge Judy quickly came back into the courtroom and immediately slammed Waddell. The no-nonsense judge explained that she saw and heard everything he said.

“Mr. Fields, you’re an idiot,” the Judge began. “You, on the other hand, thought you were all alone someplace on Mars when you were talking.”

Watch her completely SLAM this plaintiff in the video below!

She is right! He is an idiot. His mistake cost him quite a bit of money.

Waddell should have watched more episodes of Judge Judy before his day in court. Maybe then he would have realized that she doesn’t take too kindly to idiots who say stupid things in her courtroom!

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