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Ah, Judge Judy. Never has there been a woman so full of common sense. Her no-nonsense brand of justice is what America needs. It’s the reason her show has been on the air for so long. She’s not afraid to tell entitled people that they are wrong.

During a fiery courtroom case, Judge Judy was especially annoyed when a guy revealed that someone in relation to the case had urinated on the American flag.

Judge Judy asked for the name of the individual who had defaced a flag. “That’s irrelevant,” the young man responded. Judge Judy immediately laughed in his face and repeated her question. “What was the name?” Once again, he refused to answer, and asked Judge Judy, “What would you do with that information if I gave it to you?”

“I don’t answer your questions you fool, you answer my questions,” Judge Judy said. She then told him that he could walk himself back to Arizona if he wasn’t going answer her question. He quickly learned the judge makes the rules and asks the questions in the courtroom and he has to oblige or face the consequences.

Judge Judy wasn’t about to give him or his friend a free pass for defiling a flag.


It would have served him right if he had to walk home. His parents clearly failed him by not teaching him how to act properly. You don’t talk back to a judge. In addition to being in a courtroom, he was also on television. He should have been on his best behavior. If that is his best behavior, then he’s going nowhere fast in life!

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