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I will never tire of watching Judge Judy. She says exactly what I’m thinking, but she has the authority of a judge.

I particularly like hearing her discuss entitlements. She doesn’t have much tolerance for people who abuse welfare. When this mom came before Judge Judy and told her how she is able to save her welfare money because she lives with her father, the Judge was dumbfounded.

“You mean the government gives you enough money so you can take care of your baby, take care of your other child and still save up $700?,” Judge Judy demanded to know.

Judge Judy has zero tolerance for people who scam taxpayers. What’s amazing is this woman doesn’t appear to even have a clue that what she is doing is wrong. Welfare is not money that is to be earmarked for a vacation. It’s supposed to be for people who are in dire straits and need something to get by.

Judge Judy wasn’t having any of this woman’s freeloading nonsense as you can see in the video below.

If someone is able to save while on welfare, they don’t need to be on welfare! This woman wasn’t even embarrassed about mooching off the system.

Welfare is supposed to be a safety net to catch you if you fall down hard, but this woman is using it as a hammock. She’s just lounging around while the taxpayers support her lifestyle and fund her savings account.

She is a welfare queen! And by looking at the smirk on her face when she explains this, it’s not even something she is embarrassed to discuss. What a piece of freeloading trash. Thankfully, Judge Judy let her have it. Hopefully, this lady was listening!

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What would you have said to this welfare queen? Please share your reaction!

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