I love Lucy Hamburgers

I Love Lucy” is still hilarious to watch decades after it first aired. It’s really stood the test of time. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen it, you know you are going to laugh. Lucille Ball was a comedic genius, and her antics are still relevant in today’s modern world.

The Diner

In Season 3’s episode called “The Diner,” Ricky has had enough of show business, so Ricky and Lucy decide to open a diner with the Mertzes. Ricky and Lucy want to open a Cuban restaurant, but the Mertzes have other plans.

Going into business with friends isn’t always a good idea. The foursome ended up with a divided diner. “A Little Bit Of Cuba” was run by the Ricardos.

The other side of the counter, Fred and Ethel Mertz had “Big Hunk Of America.” It descended into a competition where nobody won.

When an intoxicated man came in to have a meal, both couples tried to sway them to their side by reducing the price of the hamburger.

At first, they both charged 15 cents for the hamburger. As crazy as it is to think of paying only 15 cents for a hamburger by today’s standards, it gets much lower than that!

The drunk man keeps stumbling back and forth to each side while the price keeps getting lower.

Lucy and Ethel Vie for Attention

Both Lucy and Ethel try to woo the man over to their side of the diner by winking at him. But, in typical fashion, he was not swayed by their flirting.

Lucy has a brilliant solution that saves her the pain of cooking and sticks it to her friends, and competitors, at the same time.

Watch the clip below for a good laugh.

What a genius move! If the Mertzes had to make hamburgers for a penny, they would be forced out of business.

This scene is a great reminder of how hard it can be to try and have a business with your friends, especially if you are competitive.

If you enjoyed this clip, check out this hilarious clip of Lucy making pizza:

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