There is a lot that today’s youth and young adults can learn from “Bonanza.” The classic television show had a lot of lessons on the importance of hard work and respect. One episode with Ben’s cousin’s son is something that every millennial should watch.

Many of today’s young adults were raised without boundaries. Their parents were more concerned with being their friends than being their parents. As a result, they don’t know how to handle criticism or deal with direction.

This is what Ben faced in the episode “The Trouble With Jamie.” Ben’s cousin Matthew visits the Ponderosa. Matthew asked if he could leave his 16-year-old son Jamie there while he attends to business in San Francisco. Ben obliges.

Ben knew Jamie was a bit of a brat, but he had no idea how bad it was until Matthew took off on his business trip. Ben, Hoss, and Joe soon realize Jamie is way worse than they bargained for. Jamie tries to push each one of them around, especially Ben, but Ben won’t let a spoiled brat push him around, even if that spoiled brat is related to him.

After learning that he has to clean the barn, Jamie interrupts Ben’s breakfast to yell at him and throw a fit. That’s when the teen learned a hard, and fast, lesson about respect.

Ben grabbed his arm and explained how things were done at his house. If Jamie wanted to disobey and throw a temper tantrum, he would not be eating while he was staying there.

The video below has an important lesson that entitled brats need to hear.

Ben put Jamie right in his place! This is still an important lesson today. Decades later, Ben’s words are still relevant.

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If you enjoyed this clip, check out another classic scene from “Bonanza” in the video below:

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