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A Washington state thief faced instant karma after stealing important packages off an unattended porch. This might be an instant karma record as it only took a couple of seconds to learn her lesson. The universe punished this package thief for her crime while she was committing it – and it was all caught on camera.

Now, she faces medical bills and some potential legal bills as well.

Homeowner Catches Package Thief On Camera

Lizeth Ababneh’s RING and Nest security system captured the thief and her assailant in action while taking packages containing necessary medicine from their Snohomish County home.

The security cameras first show a UPS delivery driver dropping off the packages. The thieves drive past and see the three packages sitting there with no one in sight, so they take their chance.

They don’t know what is in the boxes and they obviously don’t care that its important medicine for Ababneh’s husband.

The woman is seen grabbing the packages. She is hustling to flee before she is caught, but as soon as she reaches the wet grass, she takes a spill.

This thief must be prone to injury because she didn’t even fall hard but was unable to get up. A man gets out of the car to help her. She screams as he tries to lift her up.

She was so injured that she had to be carried to their getaway car. It appears she may have severely broken her leg or ankle.

Karma Is A B*tch

The homeowners found their packages missing and then discovered what happened when reviewing their security cameras.

You can see this instant justice in the video below.

BOOM! Down she went.

This thief’s medical bills will probably cost more than anything she stole from those packages.

The County Sheriff has opened an investigation. Hopefully, these thieves will quickly be caught. The viral video should help speed up that process.

These package thieves think they can get away easily, but doorbell cameras are helping catch quite a few of them.

Click here to see the takedown of a package thief by a nanny that was caught by a security camera!

Source: Daily Mail

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