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WATCH: Liquor Thief Has Unique Way Of Stealing Booze!

A Louisiana woman was caught on camera shoplifting multiple bottles of liquor from a local store. The woman stuffed the bottles

Shreveport, Louisiana Police didn’t have to search long for a woman who stole multiple bottles of liquor from a local store. Video of the woman shows her shoving a number of bottles of alcohol into her purse. She also put bottles of booze in her clothes and into several creases of her body. It’s hard to count how many bottles this woman ended up walking out with.

Incredibly, she looks around to see if she is being noticed. She has no clue there are surveillance cameras everywhere! The video quickly went viral and led to her turning herself in after numerous people recognized her.

It’s rather amazing how many bottles of booze she was able to fit in her clothes. You couldn’t have paid me to drink that liquor after watching the video below!

I bet the store won’t want the bottles back that she shoved in her pants! I don’t know what kind of party this woman was planning on having, but I wouldn’t want to attend!

Sekonie Jones was taken into custody soon after the video was released. She not only became the laughingstock of the country, but she also was charged with misdemeanor theft. Jones posted on Facebook that she was going to turn herself in because she had gotten so many calls from people who recognized her. She’s is very recognizable. As soon as the video went public, she had to realize she was going to jail!

She was quite the fool for thinking she could get away with this! It’s pretty routine for a liquor store to have surveillance cameras. They have to protect themselves from thieves like her! Not only is Jones dealing with criminal charges, but she’s also dealing with looking like a fool for stealing in this way.

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