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It’s hard to think of a better comedy duo than Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. When they had skits together on “The Carol Burnett Show,” you knew that you would be laughing so hard that your side would hurt.

The skits when Tim Conway played The Oldest Man were some of the most memorable during the show’s 11 years on television. The Oldest Man is incredibly slow, and he even spoke slowly, and would continually forget everything. Tim Conway played this character perfectly, and he would improvise, causing his castmates to fight the urge to laugh while they recorded the skit.

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When The Oldest Man was a hot dog vendor, it was hard for Harvey Korman’s character not to lose his cool. He just wanted a hot dog and a chocolate milkshake, but The Oldest Man kept messing up this very simple order. Harvey bit his lip continually, and he tried not to laugh, even though Tim Conway apparently went off script a bit.

When Harvey gets his milkshake, it’s awful. Wait until you hear what The Oldest Man put in it instead of ice cream, and he made Harvey pay extra for it. YUCK!

Watch the video below for a good laugh:

“Wait a minute, this isn’t ice cream, that’s mashed potatoes, I’ll have to charge you for the blue plate special then!” How can you not laugh at that? Tim Conway was rather evil with how hard he tried to get Harvey to laugh when they were in character. That’s one reason why viewers loved them so much.

If you liked watching Harvey Korman and Tim Conway on “The Carol Burnett Show,” click here to watch Tim Conway pretend to be a dog during one of their skits. Harvey was obviously not expecting this. Poor Harvey had to hang his head to try and hide his laughter. He can’t keep it in any longer when Tim Conway starts howling.

If you enjoyed those clips, make sure to check out some hilarious bloopers from the show in the video below:

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