Duggar Pantry

It takes a lot of effort and inventory to feed 19 children. The Duggars tackled this obstacle like they do everything else, with love and organization!

They have a pantry unlike any you have probably ever seen. It looks like a small grocery store. In 2013, Jessa took “19 Kids And Counting viewers on a tour of their pantry. Your jaw just might drop as you watch her walk through it.

They buy their food in bulk to save money. With 19 kids, pinching pennies is not an option. It’s a necessity. With so many teens, the Duggars have to constantly restock their food.┬áThe kids are allowed to go into┬áthe pantry and grab some snacks when they are hungry. The most requested snacks are on lower shelves so the younger kids can easily get them.

While giving a tour of the pantry, Jessa also explained how Michelle has the kids cooking at a young age. Everyone has to pitch in and help out. These are also important life skills the kids will need later in life.

You can see the Duggar’s pantry, which resembles an in-house market, in the video below.

The Duggars do things a lot differently than the average American family. With so many kids, they have to! Jim Bob and Michelle have all the girls sleep in one room and all the boys in another. This makes for some very big rooms!

Jill gave viewers a tour of the girls’ room in 2013. There were 9 girls sharing a room at the time. Jill reports that they absolutely loved it. Each night was like a slumber party. Sharing a room clearly helped secure the bonds between these numerous sisters!

That video is below.

Wow! Most teens would want their own bedrooms, but these girls like spending time with their sisters!

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