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The vegan police, in search of a carnivore to scalp, identified Chris Pratt as their next target. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor posted a picture on Instagram that sent these food activists into a complete tizzy.

After his shocking split from Anna Faris, Pratt has turned to farming. Pratt raises lambs on his farm that he uses to feed his family. “Look at all this glorious food! We will eat off him for a month,” the Christian actor wrote. He posted a picture of his bounty of several cuts of lamb, offending vegans across the globe.

Pratt also stated that every part of the lamb is being used. “His wool is becoming yarn as we speak. He lived a very good life. He was groomed and shorn, his hooves medicated, dewormed, no antibiotics necessary. Surrounded by laughing loving humans, including children to whom they provided such joy,” he shared.

He also assured his followers the lamb was well loved and taken care of. The lamb’s final trip was stress-free and painless. Pratt is going to enjoy the end product of ethically caring for this animal, as you can see in the Instagram post below.

This post was essentially an invitation for Pratt to be attacked by vegans. He was accused of murdering the animal. In an attempt to earn a medal for overreacting, some radical vegans even compared Pratt’s farming to the Holocaust that killed millions of families. Such nonsense simply can’t be taken seriously and highlights some serious character flaws by these vegan commenters.

Instagram user ardaz_eye compared Pratt’s bounty of lamb meat to eating a human. He replied, “so can I display chopped up parts of a human animal, as long as it’s not rotting, wachse (SIC)I like the taste of that kind of meat?”

Millpotts angrily posted,”Meat really is murder. No possible other truth. This is disgusting. The Smug face of supposedly ‘kind’ meat??? Did you hear from the other sheep personally that they didn’t notice? Arrogant arrogant man.”

Jacqueangelotti wrote, “This is awful, you are awful. You murdered someone and now you are bragging about It on social media.”

Laughs ensued when compared Pratt eating meat to slavery. You just can’t make some of this stuff up. These arguments aren’t going to have anyone putting down their knives and start eating kale.

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Source: Daily Mail

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