Walking in traffic is an easy way to get killed. Some vegans who were trying to prevent a truck from getting to the slaughterhouse quickly learned this when they stepped in front of the truck.

Most of us learned to stay out of traffic at a young age. These skinny hipsters apparently thought they could strong-arm a truck driver into missing his delivery. They clearly didn’t know who they were dealing with!

The truck driver wasn’t having any of it. Stepping out in front of an enormous truck is like playing Russian Roulette. It’s not a wise move. That truck driver doesn’t owe them anything. He’s got a job to do and their protest isn’t about to stop him. The driver just kept on going!

Watch the video below to see this driver just barrel through these vegans.

These vegan hipsters are lucky they didn’t get killed! At least they had the sense to know to step back when the truck driver wasn’t succumbing to their demands to stop. If they don’t want to eat meat, that is their right, but they don’t have the right to stop traffic!

Leftists believe they can impose their views on all of us and blocking traffic is now a common form of protest. But, average people aren’t going to stand for it. We have to get home. We have to get to work. They even block ambulances on the way to the hospital! Now, they want to block our sausage and bacon? Thankfully, this truck driver took a stand! Hopefully, these vegans learned their lesson and will stay out of traffic!

Click here to watch another driver who wasn’t about to allow protestors to block his truck. He drove right through them, too!

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Source: Barstool Sports

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