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The Carol Burnett Show” provided us with family-friendly laughs for 11 seasons. The humor was clean enough for children but was hysterical and enjoyable for adults to enjoy.

In addition to creating hilarious skits, Carol would also make some current pop culture references on her beloved sketch comedy show. Jack LaLanne was the subject of one of these brilliant skits.

Carol came out to exercise in a parody of LaLanne’s popular exercise show, but she didn’t look like herself. She was wearing a padded costume to make herself look a lot larger. Cast member Lyle Waggoner played the energetic LaLanne.

The Struggle Is Real

Carol struggled to complete the TV exercise host’s moves. The host promised the ladies that their husbands would be thrilled at how they would look if they dropped a few pounds. Carol swung from side to side, and it was rather obvious that her character was in need of a supportive bra to get through these motions.

After she was ordered to bring out a chair to help with the workout, Carol’s weight actually broke the chair, and the audience roared with laughter. If you’ve ever been in a position where you had to lose some weight, starting a workout routine is hard work, and can be pretty funny if you have a sense of humor about it.

Watch the video below for a good laugh.

This was not the politically correct stuff that is on television today. This was long before everyone got offended and people could laugh at themselves, particularly in funny situations like this.

The Husband

I love the ending where Jack LaLanne reveals himself to be Carol’s husband. That show never disappointed and you knew you would be laughing until the very end.

If this video made you laugh, click here to watch Tim Conway try to pick up Carol Burnett in a bar.

For even more laughs, check out this hilarious skit of Carol Burnett after she returned home from running errands:

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