Robin Williams Koko The Gorilla

Robin Williams was a hilarious guy. He was able to make anyone laugh with his unusual brand of comedy. In fact, his humor transcended the boundaries of mankind.

In 2001, Williams met Koko the Gorilla, and their visit was rather remarkable. Koko and Robin laughed together. The gorilla even stole his glasses and tickled the beloved funnyman to get him to laugh with her. She wanted to enjoy laughing with Robin.

Robin And Koko

The unlikely pair shared laughter, and a little bit of love, during their encounter. Koko knew sign language, so her handler interpreted what the gorilla was saying to Robin. But, some actions and feelings don’t require any words.

You might find yourself amazed after watching the video below. Robin Williams was so funny that he made an animal of another species laugh!

When Robin died, the news was delivered to Koko. She did not handle it well. Although it had been years since they met, Koko still remembered Robin. He was the only Robin she had ever known.

Koko was somber and made the signs for “cry woman” to her handler. She was grieving her friend, Robin, much like a human would. Robin Williams was such a kind and influential man that a non-human being even grieved his death. This man had an amazing heart and a light-hearted spirit.

A video about Koko’s mourning of Robin is below.

Of course, Robin would not want Koko to be sad, but this is a natural reaction for the primate mourning someone she considered to be a friend.

Robin used humor to lighten every situation he could. Instead of feeling bad, perhaps it is best to remember him and laugh.

A skit he had with Carol Burnett is the perfect one for this scenario. Robin crashed Carol’s husband’s funeral services

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