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All the way back in 1986, Carol Burnett hosted a comedy special, “A Carol Burnett Special… Carol, Carl, Whoopi & Robin.”

During the special, Carol teams up with Robin Williams for a skit titled “The Funeral.”

The skit begins with Carol Burnett mourning the death of her late husband at a wake, but when Robin Williams shows up to the funeral, things take a very different turn than what you would expect! He very awkwardly tries to comfort this grieving widow in an inappropriate and hilarious manner.

At 6:31 it gets even better. The two do a second take of the scene where Robin Williams begins improvising his lines. He catches Carol off-guard when he begins singing. She’s so taken by the song, she has to look away from the camera and take a good 20 seconds to compose herself because she can’t help but laugh at Williams’ comedic genius!

Carol has to hide her face behind a handkerchief to keep from busting out laughing at Robin’s improv during the re-enactment of this skit. She had no clue what he as going to do next!

Watch and try not to laugh:

They Don’t Make This Anymore

Robin is definitely missed! His comedic genius was incomparable. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing when Robin asked, “Is he in here?” and then attempted to open the casket!

They just don’t make comedy like this anymore!

Carol was used to dealing with people going off script. On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Tom Conway would do this regularly. He would go so far off the reservation that all the other actors would have to contain themselves from busting out laughing. Click here to see Carol trying not to react to Tim’s story about an elephant!

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