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Going to the orchestra can be a relaxing experience. If the music is quiet, it can calm you down and make you feel at ease.

One woman who attended The North State Symphony’s performance last month relaxed a little too much! Her reaction to a performance of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” is going viral.

The woman dozed off while the symphony was playing the slow portion. She was lulled to sleep by the comforting sounds. Then, the music suddenly picks up with the melody immediately transitioning from slow to chaotic. The woman was startled out of her symphony induced slumber and screamed when the drum banged.

The conductor laughed and the musicians also found it humorous but didn’t skip a beat as you can see in the video below.

The conductor tweeted about the incident as well. You apparently have to be on your toes during a Stravinsky performance or you’ll find yourself the subject of a viral video!

The screaming woman broke her silence and identified herself. Her name is Stephanie Evans and although many would have found the situation to be embarrassing, she is delighted that her shriek has brought awareness to the North State Symphony. She claims she wasn’t sleeping, but rather meditating. I’ll call her bluff on that!

“In this instance, I was sitting there very meditatively feeling the peace and bliss of that peaceful blissful place and then I was startled,” Stephanie said.

“We all heard it,” Conductor Scott Seaton said. “It was very audible and [when] I saw the orchestra start to chuckle I thought it was my job in that moment to assure the audience that, that was okay. I think it’s great that someone can have such a physical reaction to sound. And for something like this to happen very randomly here I think is great.”

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