Puppy baby with down syndrome



If you are an animal lover, you will just fall over with tears and smiles when you watch the video below.

If there’s one thing that I love about animals, or at least the ones I have seen, they know how to be gentle around infants and small children, including those with Down syndrome.

It’s almost like something tips them off that they have to be careful how they react and they follow through with being very cautious.

In watching the video below, even this puppy had the sense it needed to refrain from jumping or disturbing the baby while it was sleeping so it did the next best thing.

Watch below:

Credit: xcvbnmxcvb

Well, there you go. That little puppy was that cautious around the little baby. It surveyed the proper landing spot to go to sleep and guess what…the baby didn’t wake up.

The owner didn’t seem that worried about how it would play out. From the wobbling, the only thing I thought to myself was, “don’t fall on the baby,” but the puppy had that covered.

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