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If you think society has been dumbed down, you’re not wrong. Political correctness on steroids, common core math and basic knowledge of civics has made the average American a lot less cerebrally engaged.

These liberal philosophies are destroying America and Mark Dice took to the streets to prove this. He asked people what the last book they read was and who was their favorite author.

Many people don’t read books as they did in the past. People don’t seem to appreciate or remember how involved you can get in a good book. After they finish school, many young adults leave books behind altogether as this video points out. But, reading and learning is something we must continue long after we finish collecting diplomas.

After you hear their answers in the video below you may wonder if they need a basic literacy test, too! Failure to read books seems to have caused their brains to rot!

Liberals Don’t Read

It’s time for an American reboot! We must bring back reading!

Many leftists find some books to be offensive. A Mississippi school district went to the lengths of banning To Kill A Mockingbird. Administrators felt this book made people feel uncomfortable. That was the point of the book! It was meant to challenge your way of thinking. But, in the sterile liberal lalaland of education, nobody should feel uncomfortable. They need safe spaces from classic books that we have been reading for generations!

What a bunch of wimps. It’s no wonder that young adults aren’t reading like they used to. They were raised to feel entitled and not be challenged. There is more to life than comic books and “Harry Potter”!

If you think these people are stupid, click here to see some even bigger idiots who told Mark Dice they want to ban the First Amendment!

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