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He Asks If We Should Repeal The First Amendment And Things Get Scary

California morons will agree with anything celebrities want them to do. In this viral video with Mark Dice, they agree to repealing the First Amendment.

Every day we are surrounded by morons. Many people appear not to be able to think for themselves. They will just go with the flow. Since they don’t have the ability to come to their own conclusions, they will follow what is being said. These people can be easily led by others, including celebrities.

Mark Dice is great at exposing this lunacy. He will go right to where these folks are and ask them basic questions. His videos astoundingly prove how dumb most of society is.

In the video below, Dice asks California beachgoers about celebrity-backed issues. He makes up some outlandish causes and claims they are associated with celebrities such as Beyonce and Katy Perry. These clueless people agree to subscribe to anything Dice throws at them, simply because he tags it to rich actors and singers.

These fools agree with┬árevoking the First Amendment because they believe him when he says Beyonce endorses that movement. One woman even agrees to the abolition of Women’s Suffrage. That’s the movement that led to the 19th Amendment, allowing women the right to vote!

One Katy Perry fan was willing to drink arsenic when Dice said Perry supported it. This man literally was willing to drink poison because he believed it was endorsed by the left-wing singer!

You will feel like a genius after watching the video below!

These California beachgoers could easily be influenced into joining a celebrity-led cult! They appear to be incapable of thinking for themselves when confronted with the celebrity cause of the day.

If you want to feel even smarter, click here to see what millennials said when Mark Dice asked them who won the Civil War. It is unbelievable that these young adults got through high school without learning this important fact about United States history!

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