Rodrigo Alves

It’s hard to look away from Rodrigo Alves. After having 59 body modifications and over 100 aesthetic enhancements, he looks as plastic as the Ken Doll he imagines himself to be.

He’s already been warned that if he has another nose job, his nose might fall off. Doctors have also told him that he can’t have any more liposuctions as the procedure is now too dangerous. After getting fat sucked out over 20 times, his body has met its limit. In his quest to appear thinner, Alves is opting for something dramatic and doesn’t care if it costs him his life!

LOS ANGELES, CA – MARCH 01: Rodrigo Alves is seen leaving Catch LA on March 01, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

His 60th surgery will be rib removal. He wants a smaller waistline and will wear a corset after surgery to help create a more slender physique. “I am quite boxy around the waist area,” the Human Ken Doll said. “I like my fitted shirts and smart blazers and they will suit me much better when I have that classic slender figure.”

Dr. Michael K. Obeng, director of Miko Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, will be performing the surgery and recognizes that his patient “is not normal.” It appears even his doctor knows he’s a freak! So, why does the doctor continue performing surgeries?

“After being around so many thousands of patients, you tend to know the crazy ones from the not crazy ones,” Dr. Obeng said about his crazy patient.

“Initially, he told me to remove six ribs, but that is not feasible,” Dr. Obeng said. “There are two floating ribs – the 11th and the 12th, which can be removed safely without harm.

Alves’s family is concerned all these surgeries will kill him. He dismisses this. “I will keep going. There is no such thing as plastic surgery killing you,” the plastic sideshow said. “Joan Rivers carried on until she died having a facelift, but she didn’t die because of the operation, she had a health problem.”

The Human Ken Doll compares himself to a centaur (the mythical creature with the torso and head of a human but the body of a horse) except in his case, he feels he has both male and female features.

“I do not fit into a stereotype of beauty –I think I have female features and the body of a man.”

After this rib surgery, Alves is planning on having yet another nose job despite the knowledge that his nose might fall off. He claims he needs another nose job because he has breathing problems because of all the prior nose jobs.

Video of Alves talking about all his plastic surgeries is below but was recorded in the summer, so he has had even more since then!

It is hard to look at this man. He looked fine before he started having surgeries as you can see in the picture below. At least he looked human! He previously stated that he was taking steps to control his plastic surgery addictions. That didn’t last long! Those steps led him right back to the operating table!

Rodrigo Alves

This man should probably seek the help of a psychiatrist rather than plastic surgery. He clearly has body issues. He’s on a quest for something he will never find.

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Source: The Sun

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