concealed carry across state lines

The House of Representatives passed historic legislation on Wednesday that protects the Second Amendment rights of millions of Americans. If it becomes law, it would allow concealed carry permit holders to cross state lines.

This is a serious issue for those of us who legally carry our guns. Sometimes, we are unable to do so while traveling. If this bill becomes law, it will help further solidify our right to bear arms and protect ourselves, even in gun-grabbing states. Five Democrats decided to stand with law-abiding gun owners and vote in favor of this bill.

Republicans argued the legal right to carry a gun doesn’t end at a state line. This right is specifically protected by the United States Constitution. It is written out in the Second Amendment, which doesn’t specify that this right ends when traveling to another state.

“The Bill of Rights is not a philosophical exercise,” Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins said. “I don’t think that right should be undermined simply because I travel to another state.”

But, liberals went into a tailspin at the news that legal gun owners might soon be allowed to pack heat in left-wing states. Twitter was full of fake liberal outrage after news broke about this historic preservation of an important American right.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo offered his false hot take. Much to his dismay, opinions aren’t facts. People with violent offenses are already prohibited from carrying concealed handguns. He might want to check current laws before airing his ignorance again.

Never one to miss the opportunity to step into a pile of crap, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Governor Cuomo’s online pity party filled with false information.

Of course. these politicians were joined by everyday liberals and celebrities who didn’t want to miss an opportunity to overreact. They apparently don’t realize that people carry guns around their deep blue states each day, they are surrounded by criminals who do this. Now, they just might have law-abiding citizens doing the same.

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Source: American News

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