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February 15, 2023
Chris Cuomo claimed that he was so angering after his CNN firing that he “was going to kill everybody, including” himself.
Alec Baldwin Chris Cuomo
January 21, 2022
Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was allegedly told to not discuss cancel culture by the former CNN host Chris Cuomo.
Rose McGowan Oprah Winfrey
Rose McGowan went after Oprah on Twitter relishing that more people would see ‘the ugly truth’ of her and that she is ‘as fake as they come.’
cop killer Richard Rivera police reform Robert Walsh execution style
March 30, 2021
Convicted NYPD cop killer Richard Rivera has been given a seat at table for police reforms mandated by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.
VMAs celebrities New York quarantine Hollywood
Hollywood celebrities attending the VMAs in New York on Sunday from out of state do not need to follow Cuomo’s strict quarantine mandate.
Kaleemah Rozier coronavirus mask arrest NYPD subway toddler child
May 14, 2020
Disturbing footages shows the forceful arrest of a mom by NYPD and MTA officers in front of her toddler for her mask etiquette on the New York subway.
Mike Rowe v. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on American worker & lockdown
Mike Rowe just blasted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his weak justification of lockdown measures that hurt the American worker.
Mike Rowe workers
Mike Rowe and Glenn Beck address the misconception of non essential workers plus how Cuomo and Ocasio-Cortez take American workers for granted.
FOX Marine Veteran and Wounder Warrior Johnny (Joey) Jones calls out CNN Chris Cuomo
FOX contributor Johnny Jones, a retired Marine and Wounded Warrior, calls out CNN’s Chris Cuomo for staging the video where he emerges from quarantine.
Columbus Day
October 5, 2018
Columbus Day is when many Italian-Americans celebrate their culture. Taking aim at the holiday comes with great peril to some politicians.
cynthia nixon sexist cold rooms
August 29, 2018
Cynthia Nixon was best known for her role on the television show “Sex and the City” before she suddenly decided to try her hand at politics by challenging¬†
concealed carry across state lines
December 7, 2017
A concealed carry across state lines gun bill passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday which is a major win for gun owners