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Snakes can camouflage themselves extremely well. You have to have a keen eye to spot some snakes in the wilderness. In Australia, this is a serious problem as many of these snakes are poisonous. If you can’t see them, you can’t avoid them!

Sunshine Snake Catchers knows this problem all too well. This Australian company relocates snakes. They also try to raise awareness about these reptiles and how to spot them when they are hidden. They regularly post picture contests on their Facebook page to help people get acclimated to finding camouflaged snakes so they can avoid being bitten.

Can you spot the snake in the picture below? This is pretty tricky, but that just goes to show you how well these fanged creatures hide!

The answer is in the picture below. This snake is so well hidden that it still might be hard for some people to see it even when it’s pointed out!

I still can’t see that slimy bugger even when it’s pointed out to me. Here the picture is enlarged. This is proof that these snakes could be hiding right under your nose and you can’t see them! See if you can spot it in the magnified picture above.

spot the snake

I am pretty sure if I ever visited Australia that I would be killed by a snake bite on the first day because I am not very good at this game. Let’s try again!

Can you spot the snake in the picture below? Once again, you have to look very closely to find this not-so-small reptile!

You really have to look closely because this big python is hiding out in the greenery by the fence.

In case you need a closer look, check out the picture below. The snake is pretty large but is so well camouflaged that it’s hard to see it without being prompted.

spot the snake

Here’s one more that is pretty obvious to see, but might swear you off going to Australia forever! Someone walked into their bathroom to find this python slithering around! They aren’t even safe in their own homes!

Click here to see if you can spot the snake in another picture!

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Source: Daily Mail

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