Foster Brooks Roasts Johnny Carson

Foster Brooks’ comedy stands the test of time. His act is something we can all relate to because we’ve all witnessed a happy drunk man at some point in our lives.

Nobody was immune to laughing when Foster Brooks took the microphone took the microphone, especially when he was roasting them – not even Johnny Carson.

A-List Stars Loved Dean Martin’s Roasts

The Dean Martin Roasts were some of the best shows that ever aired on TV.

They presented Hollywood at its finest. All the A-List stars came out to make fun of each other.

They actually wanted to be there. This is completely different from today’s Hollywood where the stars seem capable of only patting each other on the backs at award shows.

Stars of the past were relatable while today’s stars often have superiority complexes.

Even Dean Martin Couldn’t Help Laughing

Dean Martin begins laughing before Foster Brooks even says anything.

Foster played the role of a serious Tonight Show fan who was at each taping of Johnny’s show.

In typical form, he was wobbly on his feet but fast with the jokes. He not only hit Johnny Carson, but he also poked fun at Dean Martin, too.

See how many classic Hollywood celebrities you can remember from the terrific video below! Notice how they are all laughing!

I think my favorite part was that Johnny thought Ed McMahon’s wife’s name was Ed McWoman!

That does sound like something someone who was overserved booze would say!

No one was afraid of offending anyone at these classic roasts.

What Would They Think Of Foster Brooks Today?

They wanted to offend everyone! Today, Foster Brooks would be shamed off the stage.

Politically correct leftists would probably accuse him of offending alcoholics.

They just can’t handle humor because an important part of humor is making fun of people and different situations!

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