Foster Brooks Dean Martin

Foster Brooks was one of the favorite performers at Dean Martin’s Roasts. He made everyone laugh as he played the role of the gentleman who had a drink or two too many. Brooks was a mainstay on these roasts for a good reason – he was hilarious and relatable.

When the tables were turned and Dean Martin was the one to get roasted, Foster Brooks didn’t disappoint. Martin hailed from Steubenville, Ohio. Brooks showed up as Martin’s Boy Scout leader from his youthful days in “Stupidville.” Brooks had everyone laughing in the video below with his story about Dean’s surgical experience on a Great Horny Owl during a Cub Scout camping trip!

The stars’ reactions were hilarious. I loved seeing John Wayne howling in laughter at the end! Everyone showed up for them because they all wanted to be there, especially to salute Dean Martin!

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