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The Dean Martin Comedy Hour was unlike anything on television today. It brought the top stars of the day right into our living rooms. No star was too big to join Dean on his hilarious show.

Dean Martin liked to laugh liked to laugh but it was rare for someone to leave him speechless from laughter. Foster Brooks was one of the comedians  who could do just that.

Foster Brooks Brings Dean Martin To Tears

And in the video below, he does it twice – once as a brain surgeon and again as an airline pilot. Dean can’t hold back the laughs as Foster perfectly acts like he was overserved booze.

Dean actually had tears from laughing so hard during their performance.

If you like to laugh and you miss Classic TV, you have to see this!

Dean was actually crying from laughing so hard! Nobody will ever come close to filling the shoes of Dean Martin and Foster Brooks! No entertainer today can compare to this duo!

Good, Clean Comedy

It was clean comedy, too. No foul or inappropriate language was said.

Viewers would laugh until their sides hurt. These stars didn’t need to use vulgarity or swearing to make us laugh either! And they kept comedy politics free. You weren’t going to get a left-wing lecture like you get from today’s comedians. You only got laughs!

Foster Brooks was such a great drunk while performing that it’s hard to believe that he hadn’t been drinking. He was always completely sober! If you’re wondering what Dean was drinking, his daughter Deanna said he had apple juice onstage when people thought it was booze.

Deanna said of her famous father, “He would be home for dinner every night,” Martin said. “He would come home, and he and mom would have their one cocktail at the bar.”

If you enjoyed this, you’ll love Foster Brooks roasting Lucille Ball!

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