Céline Dion Blew The Audience Away With This Elvis Tribute!

Céline Dion and Elvis Presley

Céline Dion knows how to impress her audience. Her captivating voice and endearing personality shine through when she performs on stage.

While playing at Caesar’s Palace in 2007, Céline paid tribute to another Las Vegas legend, Elvis Presley. The King helped make Las Vegas what it is today. People flocked to Vegas to see him perform. He helped turn it into the entertainment mecca that it is is today.

Céline Honors Elvis

Céline wanted to honor Elvis and give him credit for paving the path for performers like her who perform regularly on the Las Vegas Strip. She chose a perfect way to honor him. She sang an absolutely perfect rendition of The King’s 1961 song “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Of course, she put her own spin on it, but it is an outstanding homage to Presley.

You can see that performance in the video below.

Simply gorgeous! Céline brought such raw emotion to this pure and classic Elvis song. The King would have been impressed with her rendition of his well-loved song.

It’s hard to remember  Elvis without thinking of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” It’s from the movie Blue Hawaii, in which Elvis starred. This performance is what caused many Americans to fall for Elvis and his legendary style.

You can see the clip of the big debut of this song in the Blue Hawaii movie clip below.

Two Styles, One Song

Elvis and Céline’s renditions are a bit different, but both are gorgeous. Celine’s cover of his song in such a tear jerking performance certainly was a wonderful way to pay tribute to The King.

Céline Dion is a big Elvis fan. If you liked this song, check out her singing, “If I Can Dream” with Presley by clicking here!

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Source: Country Rebel