Celine Dion Elvis Presley

When Elvis died in 1977, nobody wanted to believe it. For years, conspiracy theorists clung to hope that he was just in hiding.

As the years passed, it became obvious that Elvis was indeed dead. But, in 2007 he returned to the stage for a performance on American Idol that left people scratching their heads.

Celine Dion and Elvis stood together and sang, “If I Can Dream.” You can see the amazing video below. It’s incredibly realistic. Can you figure out how they did it?

WMC Action News 5 shed some light on how American Idol was able to accomplish this amazing performance:

Dion sang with a Las Vegas Elvis tribute artist whose body was shown in wide shots.

That’s what gave it the realistic look.

At times, his face was replaced with the real Elvis taken from the 1968 Elvis Comeback special.

They even used some full body shots from that special.

Wow! Modern technology is amazing. That was one heck of a performance.

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