Cape Cod shark

A pair of surfers on Cape Cod narrowly escaped a great white shark that attacked a seal just feet away from them.

“I was just, like, pulling my board, and people were yelling, “Get out the water, get out the water!” surfer Nisi Schlanger said. “I thought I was dead.”

“I just swam for my life right there, just dreading the moment the shark was gonna pull me in and suck me in,” the other surfer said.

Beachgoers watched in horror as the blood seeped into the water because of the shark attack. Some were especially horrified as they thought the shark had attacked a human.

shark attack

There was a warning earlier in the summer about an increase in great white sharks on Cape Cod. 150 were expected to come close to shore.

These two surfers were lucky to not have fallen prey to this shark that swam so close to shore. This could have been a disaster. You never know what you will encounter when you go into the ocean.

A few months earlier, another great white shark was captured on video attacking a seal. This occurred on High Head, Cape Cod. The seal somehow made it back to shore badly injured. The shark waited close by for an opportunity to finish the seal off.


Kenvor Cothey filmed the video. He reported that the seal laid on the beach for about 10 minutes as the shark circled for a while then disappeared. The seal finally limped back into the water, then washed up a few hundred yards up the shore, having died of its injuries. This is the reality of life in the ocean.

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The ocean doesn’t belong to us. Sharks are a reminder of this. In New Zealand, swimmers were in waist-high water when a killer whale approached. Click here to watch them scramble to get to shore!

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Source: Daily Mail

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