We’re a long way from the blood and violent chair shots of ECW. So when WWE says they’re going “Extreme” it should be taken with a big grain of salt and not a drop of blood. The old wrestling term “Red = green” no longer applies in WWE. Bleeding in WWE is never purposeful now and will more often than not result in a stop to a match.

So we don’t expect a lot of gore. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at real hardcore wrestling while giving our predictions for Extreme Rules.

Sasha Banks & Rich Swann vs. Alicia Fox & Noam Dar

Though some fans think Banks is getting “buried” into a nothing feud, I personally like to think they’re using her to put some more eyes on the Cruiserweight Division.

Swann and Dar are great high-flyers and technicians, think Malenko-Guerrero, both of whom broke out in ECW.

Image result for dean malenko vs eddie guerrero ecw

Sasha will probably be snatching some edges, too.

Prediction: Sasha and Rich Swann dance their way to victory.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss on a “Kendo Stick on a Pole match”

This is what Kendo shots were like back in the day.

Image result for ecw kendo stick

Image result for ecw kendo stick

Image result for justin credible kendo stick

Do not expect any of that. Hits to the stomach and back only. This is the 2nd time Alexa Bliss has wrestled a “gimmick” match for a title. She beat Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Title in a Tables Match. The reason is simple; Alexa is not as good of a wrestler as some of the others, as such she needs to be protected a bit. There’s nothing wrong with this. Her promo skill and personality is enough to get her over. Bayley has yet to prove that she has what it takes to get extreme. WWE will have to play this carefully to preserve her squeaky-clean image among young girls.

Prediction: Bayley proves she can get extreme, but Alexa finds a sneaky way to win.

Miz vs Ambrose for the IC belt. If Ambrose is DQ’d he loses the title.

There were no DQs ever for any reason in ECW. So, not a lot analogous here. So here’s a gif of “Total Elimination” aka the best finisher ever, from the Eliminators.

Image result for ecw joel gertner

And Ambrose is definitely Brian Pillman’s secret child:

Image result for ECW pillman

Prediction: Miz wins via DQ.

Hardyz vs Cesaro & Sheamus For the Tag Titles in a Steel Cage

The Hardys were never really in ECW, but they are a throw-back to a time when guys just had complete disregard for their body:

Image result for ECw steel raven

Jeff and Matt will jump from the top of the cage and do other crazy spots they really don’t need to do anymore.

Prediction: Hardys lose, the Brokenness begins!

Neville vs Austin Aires Cruiserweight Title Submission Match

ECW had a lot of cruiserweight stuff!

Image result for rey mysterio ecw Neville’s “Rings of Saturn” finisher was innovated by ECW legend Perry Saturn.

Both guys, given time, will put on a clinic. This is my low-key match of the night contender. The two best cruiserweights get one more go at each other.

Prediction: Neville retains.

Reigns, Rollins, Samoa Joe, Balor, Wyatt – Fatal Fiveway Extreme Rules for the Universal Title Number 1 contendership.

Let’s just look at all the crazy stuff from ECW that is definitely not going to happen in this “extreme rules” match.

Image result for ecw chair shot

Image result for ecw chair shot

Image result for ecw

Image result for ecw

Image result for ecw

Ok, this one MAY happen:

Image result for ecw

Prediction: Rollins wins, is fed to Lesnar in July.

What are your predictions for Extreme Rules? Share your thoughts.

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