Bear Cub Rescue

Bears might be tough animals, but even they are at risk for becoming prey. It’s tough out in the wild. You are either the hunter or the hunted.

In the video below, you will see a bear cub being hunted by a cougar. The cub struggles to escape the big cat. Just when all hope appears lost, a hero show up! The end of this video will have you cheering!

This is a clip from the 1988 movie “The Bear.” The film tells the story of an orphaned bear cub who befriends an adult male grizzly as hunters pursue them through the wild.

The cub is orphaned after his mother is killed by a rockslide while digging for honey. The young bear cub tries to befriend an adult male grizzly for much-needed companionship and protection. The adult isn’t much interested in the cub until he hears the baby’s cry for help when he is pursued by the big cat. The cougar needs to eat to survive, but he had to find something else!

The grizzly then takes the orphan under his wing, teaching him to fish and hunt as hunters pursue the two on a trophy hunt. Ultimately during the course of this emotionally exhaustive hunt, the hunters become reformed and give up hunting as a sport. This grizzly duo is then left to continue living in the wilderness.

While the movie was set in British Columbia, it was filmed in the Italian and Austrian areas of the Dolomites. A trained, 9-foot tall Kodiak bear named Bart played the adult grizzly, while a young female bear named Douce, which means Sweet in English, took on the role of the cub, with several alternates helping.

The movie was set in a manner that is incredibly realistic and mimics situations grizzlies encounter in the wild.

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