We already know that Al Sharpton is a race baiter and a tax cheat. He turns everything into a racial issue. But, what he said about Bill O’Reilly is so absurd that even some left wingers have to be scratching their heads!

On MSNBC, Sharpton called the former Fox News host a “spokesman” for “white nationalism.” I have heard Bill O’Reilly called a lot of things, but this is way beyond the bounds of decency.

Al Sharpton thinks anyone who disagrees with him is a racist. But, this is a tired and old argument, yet he continues with it. Listen to him weave his web of racist nonsense in the tweeted video below.

Americans are tired of being called racist by liberals. They said Trump supporters are racist, yet Trump still won. Americans are fighting back against crazies like Al Sharpton. Stop giving this man a microphone to promote his hate!

Find out how much Al Sharpton owes in taxes below:

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Source: The Blaze

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