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Brad Paisley vaccine
Country music singer Brad Paisley said that getting vaccinated is “patriotic” and blames “Hollywood elite” for vaccine hesitancy.
Al Sharpton Tennessee State professor taxpayer funding race baiting
December 15, 2020
Tennessee State hired Al Sharpton to be a guest professor leaving many to wonder if college is worth it because of the liberal bias.
NFL Roger Goodell team sign Colin Kaepernick
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is begging football teams to sign Colin Kaepernick, saying that he would “support” and “encourage” his return to the league.
Seahawks Pete Carroll Colin Kaepernick NFL team sign
Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has revealed there is an NFL team interested in former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.
Malcolm Jenkins Al Sharpton NFL sign Colin Kaepernick
Malcolm Jenkins just one upped the Reverend Al Sharpton by calling for the NFL to assign Colin Kaepernick a team if no one will sign him.
Al Sharpton Colin Kaepernick George Floyd NFL
Reverend Al Sharpton just hijacked the funeral of George Floyd to demand the NFL and Roger Goodell make reparations to Colin Kaepernick.
April 21, 2017
Al Sharpton called Bill O’Reilly a white supremacist.