Elvis wedding

When the magic is right, you just can’t help falling in love. That’s what happened to Lonnie Darter, 67, and Jane Pinkham, 69. The couple made their case for love in a rather unique way. They were wed at the Midwest Tribute To The King, an Elvis impersonator contest.

It was the pair’s first time at an Elvis tribute event. Their friends didn’t want them eloping, so the lovebirds thought of a creative solution.

“My two good friends said, ‘You guys don’t need to be running off and getting married without us.’ We knew we were going to be here, so I said, why don’t we get married here at the Elvis event,” Pinkham said.

They met line dancing and are Elvis fans. When they started inquiring about getting married at the Elvis contest, they knew it was the perfect venue when they learned the owner of the competition is a graduate of Lincoln Christian College and Seminary and was able to marry them.

Joe Potter who officiated knows the Elvis event is all about fun, but he recognizes a wedding is serious business. Not only is he ordained, but he is an Elvis impersonator, so it was a collision of both worlds.

The pair had a unique wedding that was shared with their friends and fellow Elvis fans.

It’s a shame that 101 year old Minerva Boran wasn’t there to witness the nuptials. She’d have been dancing up a storm. Watch her energetic dance moves in the video below! Elvis keeps us young at heart!

Elvis’ impact is still felt decades after his death. His music brings people a lot of joy. The Darter’s wedding proves that!

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