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We never can be too safe when it comes to our children. Part of being a parent is to teach your children that evil exists in this world. Sadly, in this day and age, we must teach our children how to be prepared for bad situations.

The video below is less than one minute, but it might save your child’s life or even your own if you are kidnapped. This video went viral because it’s something important and easy to learn. Police Departments were even sharing this girls’ escape video on Facebook so others can learn. It has been viewed over 79 million times. It’s that important to see.

Watch this girl escape being zip tied in a very short amount of time in the video below. This one minute video could save your life or the life of someone you love.

That is amazing how quickly she was able to get out of those zip tie handcuffs. The only issue I see is that my children don’t always wear shoes with laces. I know I don’t, especially in the summer. But, this is certainly something that should be taught as a survival skill.

It’s an absolute shame that this even needs to be a conversation parents have with their children, but they must be prepared for the world and unfortunately evil does exist. Sheltering your children doesn’t always help protect them in this crazy world. I am definitely making sure my kids have this skill mastered by the weekend.

Human trafficking is on the rise. Kidnappings can happen anywhere. Taking a minute to learn this could end up saving your life.

Better to be safe than sorry. Self-defense and the ability to escape are important things to master. I’ll be spending a couple minutes to learn this trick.

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