British model kidnapped

Two men associated with the Black Death gang in Milan, Italy kidnapped a British model and attempted to sell her to Middle Eastern men.

Chloe Ayling was held captive for five days after being attacked by two men and drugged. She was to be sold in an online auction in a human trafficking scheme for $300,000.

Polish national Lukasz Herba, who previously lived in Britain, fooled Ayling into thinking she was coming to a photo shoot. She was drugged and stuffed in a duffel bag instead. Herba also took pictures of Ayling while she was drugged and posted them online asking for $353,000 in Bitcoin for her.

Herba released her less than a week later. The Italian paper Corriere della Sera reported the gang was unable to sell Ayling because she was a mother. The kidnapper was arrested by Italian police.

More information is in the video below.

Thankfully, Chloe is back home. But, this story shines a light on what a problem human trafficking has become. It seems nobody is immune to being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

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Source: BBC

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