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For those who stayed up last night after RAW to watch the latest edition of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s live WWE Network podcast; fans were treated to a solid sit down interview with two-time WWE Divas Champion and Tough Enough Judge, Paige. While the diva seemed a little nervous at first, as the interview progressed, she became more and more comfortable. The two covered a variety of topics in one hour, including:

Her History

Some may or may not know; at the young age of 23, Paige is a veteran of pro wrestling, starting her in-ring career at 13 years old. In fact, her mom was taking bumps in the ring while pregnant with Paige, so many may argue Paige began her love of the sport while still in the womb. Her family is known as UK’s Knight Dynasty, running the WAW (World Association of Wrestling) promotion. Paige was born and raised in the wrestling business, and revealed that she was a jack-of-all-trades growing up, acting as a bartender and bouncer in her parents’ bar. While she admitted that her family is just a bit out there; she also shared that her brothers and fathers were quite over-protective of her during her younger years.

Her Influences

In a feel good segment that quickly turned to a tad bit awkward, Paige revealed her influences were: Bull Nakano, Lita, and SCSA himself. Which was wonderful, however the incessant, ‘I loved you, I mean I really loved you’ from Paige turned a standard interview into something a little uncomfortable; but Austin was able to swerve the dialogue, and keep the interview on track.

Her WWE Tryout

Paige also told Austin it actually took two tryouts for her to win over officials in the WWE. During her first go around she tried too hard to look the standard WWE Diva type. Getting a spray tan and all, Paige lacked confidence during the initial tryout because she wasn’t being herself. Second time around (six months later) she came in, staying true to herself (black outfit, black hair and piercings) and nailed it. Interestingly enough, adding to her crazy upbringing; as her family was constantly approached to do UK documentaries, Paige’s last tryout was part of a national UK documentary regarding the family’s promotion.

The Divas Revolution

Probably one of the most interesting tidbits of the entire interview was who Paige revealed was the real force behind the NXT Divas Revolution, which is now spilling into the main roster. Paige noted it was Triple H that came up with the idea to place Emma and Paige in a 20 minute match during an NXT TakeOver event. While she and Emma got the ball rolling for divas like Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch; it was Triple H who first started the entire concept, and he continues to support the divas today.


As SCSA concluded the podcast, he asked Paige what she would like to accomplish in the WWE. Of course Paige said the typical answers you would expect to hear: become WWE Divas Champion again, become the longest reigning Divas Champion, and someday enter the WWE Hall of Fame. As the screen panned out to a picture of the Divas title, she also quickly makes reference to the fact that she would like the name of the Divas title changed back to the Women’s Championship – looks into the camera and quickly says she was joking.

Maybe she was, or maybe she wasn’t, but one thing is for sure: Paige has a bright future ahead – and was a refreshing change to the usual string of guests that are profiled on the SCSA WWE Network podcast. Sure, she seemed nervous, but I found her stories and insight to be quite entertaining.

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