Texas Tornado Flips Chevy Silverado – Driver Casually Drives Away (Video)

Editor's Note: The story has been updated to reflect the vehicle was a Chevy Silverado 1500 truck, not a Ford…

1 year ago

Extreme Close-Up Video Of Tornado Shows How Sudden The Weather Can Turn

An extreme close-up video of a tornado in Madill, Oklahoma shows how quickly the weather can turn. The tornado footage…

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Country Music Stars React To Tornado That Tore Up Nashville

The damage in Nashville from a direct hit by a tornado overnight is astounding. At least 19 people lost their…

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This Bear Was Found After A Tornado Hit, Now A Company Is Trying To Find Its Owner

After a tragedy strikes, the kindness of strangers can unite a community while it tries to rebuild. These stories can…

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Man Films Massive Tornado Tearing Through Fields Of North Dakota – He’s Got Guts!

On Wednesday, North Dakota native and farmer Jesse Bye captured an enormous tornado tearing through the fields near Hatton, North…

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The Power of Prayer PROVEN When Tornado Did THIS to a Church!

Prayers at a prayer service in an Oklahoma church were answered when they all survived a tornado.

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A Tornado Was About to Hit and She Couldn’t Get Inside. What Happened Next Is Miracle!

A Fed Ex driver had a real life nightmare when she found herself facing a tornado. Kyra Johnson had to…

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