A Tornado Was About to Hit and She Couldn’t Get Inside. What Happened Next Is a Miracle!

A Fed Ex driver had a real life nightmare when she found herself facing a tornado. Kyra Johnson had to quickly find shelter to protect herself from the 140 mile per hour storm.

But, she couldn’t open the door to the hardware store where she was, so she had to seek shelter outside. Instead of panicking, Kyra wedged herself between a Coke machine and the outside wall of the building. The building was ripped to shreds, but somehow Kyra survived the 140 mile per hour winds unharmed.

This truly miraculous event was all caught on surveillance camera. It is really amazing that she was able to survive. So many things could have gone wrong. You can see the video below.

How would you have reacted in this situation? Please share!

Erin Perri

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