Extreme Close-Up Video Of Tornado Shows How Sudden The Weather Can Turn

An extreme close-up video of a tornado in Madill, Oklahoma shows how quickly the weather can turn. The tornado footage he captured is nothing short of amazing – and the rainbow after is incredible.

Storm Chasers

Those of us who have lived through reality of tornadoes understand how quickly we must seek shelter. Not many people will go chasing an active twister, but an amateur storm chaser took us on that trip in a must see tornado alley video.

In a moment, the blunt power of Mother Nature appears then suddenly the skies turn blue again and rainbows even appear. This must-see video is viral and trending because it’s a firm reminder that life can change literally in an instant. 

There are at least two fatalities from the Wednesday storm that tore threw parts of town. The National Weather Service categorized the tornado as being at least a EF2.

In addition to the two deaths, there were multiple injuries and destruction. Seven homes, a church, and multiple buildings were destroyed. 

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Madill Oklahoma Tornado Fatalities

From KOCO:

Oklahoma Steel and Wire is one of the businesses whose building was mangled by the tornado.

“The rooftops at the manufacturing facility got hurt – pulled it off and a new building that we had on the ground,” Kathleen Moore said.

“It sounded like a big freight train,” she said.

Luckily, none of their employees were injured.

However, a truck driver was injured and later died.

“There was an outside truck driver that had come in and he was taken by ambulance,” said Madill’s emergency manager. “We heard later he had a heart attack and died.”

Another man, whose twisted car could be seen, also died in the storm.

A third man, who was critically injured, was taken to a hospital in Texas.

Seven homes were either destroyed or heavily damaged, as were three businesses.

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Rainbows After Tornadoes

The pictures and video taken during and after the Madill storm show a shocking contrast of the beauty in the sky that chases away a tornado.

Multiple rainbows appeared in Madill after the devastating tornado. To many, these rainbows signal hope after destruction. 

Pecos Hank filmed an extreme close-up video of the Madill twister. This storm chaser filmed as the twister began to build then he drove to follow it.

While tornadoes aren’t necessarily an uncommon occurrence in tornado alley, what he captured is rather remarkable.

As the tornado cleared from the sky, the YouTuber captured a sudden rainbow that shined.

This was noticed throughout Madill with numerous pictures appearing on Twitter.

The dramatic footage taken in real time during this tornado can be watched in the video below.

Erin Perri

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