SHOCKING VIDEO: Tornado Takes Down Big Rig In Devastating Louisiana Storms!

Strong and deadly tornadoes ripped through Louisiana Tuesday morning, wreaking havoc and devastation to everything in their path.

Local investigative reporter Katie Moore out of New Orleans captured footage of a tornado tearing through a parking lot by Cold Storage Road. It rips off the roof of a nearby building and if you look in the background it flips over a Big Rig.


Other users reported the tornado felt like a bomb hit them.

And others saw their cars tipped over.

Homes were completely destroyed.

Even a local gas station did not escape the destruction.

Thankfully no deaths have been reported as of yet, but New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu did say there were dozens of injuries. He did ask residents and potential visitors to avoid New Orleans East. “It is totally shut down.”

The Mayor also reported 5,000 structures were damaged.

We are praying for the families affected!

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