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Suzanne Somers of “Three’s Company” fame is claiming that she turned down an offer to be an original co-host on “The View.”
Suzanne Somers wants to see Jennifer Aniston star in a “Three’s Company” reboot as her character Chrissy Snow.
Suzanne Somers is talking about the last time she saw Richard Simmons, who has not been seen since February of 2014.
At 75 years of age, the former “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers is opening up about her secret behind aging gracefully.
Why Did Suzanne Somers Leave Three's Company?
After her time on the show “Three’s Company” came to an end, there is one thing that turned everything around for Suzanne Somers.
Suzanne Somers Bob Saget
January 10, 2022
Watch the sad moment that Suzanne Somers is told on live television that her good friend Bob Saget has died.
Suzanne Somers and husband quarantine activities and marriage secret
Suzanne Somers & her husband are reportedly very busy with not-safe-for-work activities during coronavirus quarantine, plus the secret to her long marriage!
Suzanne Somers and Dolly Parton aspire to pose nude for Playboy at 75
“Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers announced she wants to show she’s still got it and appear nude in Playboy to celebrate her 75th birthday.
"Three's Company" actress Suzanne Somers reveals her marriage secret for happiness in Hollywood is active sex life
October 28, 2019
A 43-year marriage is a rare gem in sin-filled Hollywood. “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers reveals her marriage secret is an active sex life.
suzanne somers roseanne barr
October 31, 2018
It’s been months since ABC executives fired Roseanne Barr from her own sitcom over a tweet of hers that they deemed to be offensive. Since then, the liberal world of Hollywood