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May 24, 2024
Jeremy Renner’s shocking accident: The Avengers star reveals details of his snowplow incident and the perspective it brought.
Jeremy Renner
May 10, 2024
Jeremy Renner “actually died” as his heart stopped after his snowplow accident, according to his “Mayor Of Kingstown” co-star Michael Beach.
Jeremy Renner
May 9, 2024
The Hollywood star Jeremy Renner, 53, has reemerged in NYC ahead of the season three premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown.”
Jeremy Renner's inspiring recovery story after a devastating snowplow accident. Find out how he fought through multiple surgeries and critical injuries to heal and support his family.
April 16, 2024
Learn about Jeremy Renner’s inspiring recovery journey after a devastating snowplow accident that took place on New Year’s Day last year.
May 15, 2023
The Marvel star Jeremy Renner has apologized to his mother for nearly dying in a snowplow accident on New Year’s Day.
April 5, 2023
Jeremy Renner was so sure that he would die after his snowplow accident that he penned a goodbye letter to his family.
March 29, 2023
Jeremy Renner became emotional as he gave his first interview since he was nearly killed after being crushed by a 14,000 pound snowcat.
January 25, 2023
When Jeremy Renner was crushed by a snowcat that weighs 14,000 pounds, he was trying to save his nephew’s life, a new police report states.
January 17, 2023
Sources close to Jeremy Renner are saying that it may take years for him to recover after he was crushed by a snowplow.
January 12, 2023
Jeremy Renner is facing “a long road to recovery” after he was crushed by a massive snow plow on New Year’s Day.
January 5, 2023
The actor Jeremy Renner has released some footage of himself in the ICU after he was crushed by a massive snow plow.
January 4, 2023
Jeremy Renner is speaking out about his snow plow accident for the first time as he remains in the hospital.
January 2, 2023
The Hollywood star Jeremy Renner of Marvel fame is in critical condition after being injured in a snow plow accident in Lake Tahoe.